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What is VOIP ?

In this day and age we can all be forgiven for not being aware of the latest technology and actually how it all works. I know that I am personally a lard-head when it comes to some of the changes and new innovations. I prefer to ignore complex things and, therefore, end up playing catch up all the time. However, some things are worth finding out about and, in fact, are not as complex as they first seem.

You may have heard mention of a service called VOIP. It stands for Voice over IP, which is a means of communicating with others using the internet.

Basically, VOIP records your voice and sends it electronically to the receiver- working just like a telephone. You can even hook the service up to your regular telephone with an adapter- making it extremely cost effective as your new phone, since some services offer free VOIP.

You will need a high-speed internet connection to use it- but the benefit of saving money is well worth an upgrade if needed. The major drawback is that you can not connect to emergency numbers like 911- a very alarming fact. If you want to make such an emergency call, you will have to use a cell phone or land-line phone instead.

Many use VOIP because of the cheap rates, and some services offer VOIP free. It is expected to gain much more support in the future, as internet connection speeds will improve in time- making the potential customer base much larger. If you havenít already, you may want to check into VOIP, and tap into the large amount of savings you could be experiencing with this new technology.

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